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Jerk Driver Gets Comeupance But Oh! The Commentary!

Where else but on YouTube!? A Florida driver happened to take a video of a guy in a nice big pickup truck who was tailgating her — apparently, the pickup driver wanted the videographer to accelerate past the speed limit … Continue reading

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World Order at it AGAIN: Have a Nice Day!

Genki Sudo (or as they say in Japanese, Sudo Genki) and World Order are at it yet again! Another of their classic roboto-style music videos — and yes, it’s in Japanese — is Have a Nice Day. It’s sweet! Especially … Continue reading

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It’s the “Affordable Care Act”, NOT “Obamacare” Says Pelosi

You really must watch this one: In this wonderful video, Ms. Pelosi calls a questioner gently onto the carpet for referring to the Affordable Care Act as “ObamaCare”, and then goes on to repeat the word “Affordable” about five or … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Sandhills and Bones of My People

The Books are DONE! As of tonight, both Yesterday’s Sandhills and The Bones of My People are published! The former made it into CreateSpace just tonight, so it isn’t available immediately on Amazon, but it will be there in just … Continue reading

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