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Reflections upon the death and life of Osama bin Laden

Not that it is “news” to be talked about here in this blog, but as expected more information about bin Laden and his hideout have now been released by the United States government.  Interesting stuff. One bit of self-referentiality is … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories about: bin Laden

Well, you knew it had to happen.  Some folks belong to the conspiracy of the week club, and of course to them nothing the US government does is anything BUT a lie to cover up whatever their favorite story-teller wants … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden is Toast

“I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure” – Mark Twain This blog is hardly in the forefront of news, so nobody reading this will be surprised, but Osama bin Laden has been … Continue reading

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